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Intentional Lifestyles  Psychotherapy & Nutritional Counseling
Penny Thomas-Proctor, LMFT Services
Individual Counseling

Time for you to be truly present with yourself.  One of my goals is to not only "hear" you, but to help you to tune in to and  hear yourself.  Perhaps you are struggling with some difficult emotions or challenging life circumstances.  Or perhaps you have found yourself at a crossroads, ready to reinvent yourself.   This is an opportunity to reflect on what you really want from life.  A time to be more intentional in your focus.

session length: 50 min    

Family Counseling

We live in relation to others, and our families often have the deepest impact on our lives. Sometimes we are presented with our greatest challenges from those we are closest to. At the same time, we can gain tremendous strength and understanding by exploring our relationship with our families. In family counseling, it is important to see how we impact one another and explore ways that we can provide the most support for growth in each member of the family.  

session length: 50 min 

​Group Counseling

Group therapy has many benefits that cannot be accomlished individually. Group therapy can be a vital source of support, validation, and universality. You are not alone in your challenges. You may benefit from the wisdom of others while offering contributions of your own wisdom as you become more skillful in meeting life's challenges. Through a group process you can explore your interactions with others and your perceptions about yourself and others. In a safe environment, you can begin to experiment with alternative responses that may help you shift to the kind of relationships you desire with yourself and the world around you.  

Healthy Lifestyles Group
This is an 8-week psychotherapy and nutrition group focused on developing a balanced and intentional relationship with yourself.

Social Ease Group
This is an on-going group designed to help individuals develop a more relaxed approach to being with others.

Group size is between 4-8 people

session length: 90 min., minimum committment 4 groups

Services include:  Individual Adults and Adolescents, Family, Group and Check-in Sessions

Issues addressed:  
Depression, Grief, Compulsive Eating  
   and co-occuring issues:   anxiety, interpersonal relationships, social challenges, stress, food relationship issues, smoking cessation, self image, grief and  life transitions.

Food relationship issues:
This may include issues of weight, body image, eating disorders, relationships with others, social avoidance, anxious or depressed mood

Regarding Eating disorders:  
I have completed an Eating Disorder Certification.  If you feel you  may have an eating disorder, I will asses and determine the level of care you may need.   If you need more intensive services than what is available in my office,  I will help link you to appropriate level of care and will be available to you for after-care.  
Jason Mousel, MS RD
Services include:   Individual, Group and Check-in Sessions.

Issues addressed:
Weight management, disease prevention, cardio-vascular health, blood sugar control, gastro-intestinal health, nutrition and exercise.

Individual Counseling

What is your food philosophy?  Together we will create a healthy, well-balanced eating plan that defines health and the right "diet" for you that fits into your daily schedule.  I will help you evaluate the nutritional quality of your current eating patterns and find simple, enjoyable recipes that will enable you to achieve a healthy weight, optimize your energy and balance your nutrient needs.  You will have the opportunity to address medical issues, learn how nutrition can support you in wellness and disease prevention or treatment; delve deeper into the physiology of nutrition to learn how, what and when you eat affects your metabolism and health.

Session length:  50 min 

Group Counseling

Group sessions allow for an exchange of ideas, successes and barriers to achieving goals.  I provide an interactive format that leads the group in discussions of how we define health and determine a healthy meal plan.  We will discuss the latest nutritional science research on topics that are essential to your health:  weight management, disease prevention, and both the physiology and psychology of eating.  Each class will include seasonal recipes and a discussion of cooking techniques and strategies for food preparation on a busy schedule.

Session length: 90 min 

For clients with PPO insurance, you are covered for out-of-network reimbursement.  I will help you achieve maximum benefit of your insurance coverage.