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About Penny Thomas-Proctor, LMFT


Before selecting a therapist, it is helpful to get a sense of the therapist, and whether you feel that there is a general compatibility with the approach to treatment.  I hope you find the following helpful.  

My approach is grounded in Humanistic/Existential psychology and incorporates Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness-based techniques.  Cognitive Behavioral therapy seeks to explore thoughts, feelings,  and behaviors that may be interfering with your desired goals and provides you with tools and strategies to alter these in more productive ways.  Mindful approaches help you to tune into your internal experiences; increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings - both physical and emotional. Combining these approaches, the goal is to create a non-judgemental "curious" understanding about your emotions and to develop an ability to tolerate them. Eventually through this process you may find an ability to allow difficult emotions to flow through, rather then being stuck.  This will allow for a wider range of feelings and experiences, and an ability to replace reactive thoughts and behaviors with intentional responses.  It is my hope that you find acceptance for your emotions and all parts of yourself.

Healthy Lifestyles: Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle means not only attending to your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Through intentional living, you can move from dis-ease to a life of health and ease. You may need time to grieve, to process trauma, to be able to be with your feelings to explore behaviors and thoughts that have contributed to your current state. An excerpt from my group flyer "Sometimes it seems that what the brain and the body want can be very different. Using Cognitive Behavioral & Mindfulness-based approaches, I believe the communication between the brain and body can improve. Eventually, the goal will be to resolve the internal conflict so that the mind and body can work in unison and align toward optimal health and well being". 

I received an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University in 1994, and my Marriage & Family Therapy license in 2000.  I completed training in grief counseling at Kara, and completed a certification in Eating Disorders at JFK University.   I am a private practice therapist at Sequoia Counseling Services.  www.SequoiaCounseling.com

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Best wishes, 


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The primary goal of my counseling is to inspire intentional eating through a well-balanced whole-foods based diet.

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of wellness, supporting the body to provide energy and balance.  When eating becomes intentional, new habits are forged and  physical health improves.  I will help you evaluate the nutritional quality and adequacy of your current food intake.  Together we will determine ways to modify what and how you eat in small sustainable ways that contribute to lifelong health.  Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor, but is only one aspect of nutritional wellness.  Many clients measure success in pounds lost, others chose different metrics; I will work with you on a nutrition plan to fit your goals.

I am a Registered Dietitian (Commission on Dietetic Registration #993110) received a Master's Degree in Nutritional Science from San Jose State University. I practice as a clinical Dietitian at Sequoia Hospital and am an instructor at San Francisco State University in the Holistic Health Department. I serve on the board for The Heal Project, providing nutrition and health education and inspiration to schoolchildren in San Mateo County.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, yoga, walking on the beach with my dog.
About Jason Mousel, MS, RD

La Casa Milagro translates to "The Miracle House".  The house is a symbol of the body, the "self".  The house is also representative of your home,  your lifestyle. The "miracle" is the change that you seek.  Through intentional living, you can create desired changes in all aspects of your life.  Lo siento, pero no hablamos espanol.
La Casa Milagro